Carrycot for Urban buggy


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Mountain Buggy
3 years
Gently Used
Accessories, Prams & Strollers
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Charcoal carrycot for the Urban Mountain Buggy. Suitable for ages 0 - 3 years. RRP $299. It comes with the clear waterproof cover (pictured). There's a few small marks on the charcoal side (mostly on the bottom), and very faint ones inside. It has been sufficiently cleaned. Auckland-based pick up. Any questions or for more photos, please DM Little Outfitters on Instagram - @littleoutfittersnz

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Little Outfitters V.
Auckland City
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Sell, sell, sell, responsibly.

You know the item. It’s been sitting in their wardrobe for far too long and little Gemma doesn’t fit it anymore. Plus, you wouldn’t mind a slight cash injection. Need we go on?